Street Condition Management

Managing roadways in municipalities is a balance of fulfilling a need with the limited resources at your disposal. ARMA can help in creating a Pavement Management System that can efficiently manage the needs with the resources at hand. This is done through a 3 point method.

  • • Establishment of a pavement condition system
  • • Coordinate with other facility owners to efficiently repair and rehabilitate roadways and other sub surface facilities
  • • Develop a pavement management system that evaluates a funding level with the impact it may have on the roadways

ARMA uses and has developed a toolkit to establish the creation of such a system and includes:

  • • Training program for pavement surface surveys
  • • Locating funding sources to help offset costs
  • • Communicating effective plans and strategies to municipality leaders
  • • Organizing events and establish milestones

Distribution of Pavement Condition Rating