A certified “green” solution, MuniRoute™ GIS commercial navigation helps carriers to determine custom, cost-effective routes that are travel-safe and are optimized for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions. MuniRoute™ saves time and money and protects the environment from unnecessary emissions and shields communities affected by truck traffic.

  • Customized Routing
  • Optimized Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Lane Assist

Fuel Efficiency: MuniRoute™ saves energy by reducing idling time and avoiding obstacles such as congestion and low-clearance bridges

Environmental Integrity (reduced emissions): By keeping trucks on the road for the minimum possible time and away from restricted areas, vehicle emissions have reduced impact

Community Livability: Encourages municipal sustainability by directing commercial vehicles away from sensitive public areas

Safety (customized routing): Informs drivers of obstacles specific to their vehicle so that accidents, such as bridge strikes, can be avoided by accounting for vehicle profile and load type

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