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A Joint Venture on Energy Storage Technology

  1. ARMA International, LLC (ARMA), located in Albany, NY
  2. ELMIZ, a technology and manufacturing company located in Kiev, Ukraine
  3. Lithium Battery Engineering, LLC (LBE), located in Randolph, New Jersey
  4. Dr. Devinder Mahajan, energy expert and Professor, Stony Brook University, NY

Heavy Truck Traffic Congestion Prevention and Real Time Mitigation Using Optimal Freight Routing


  1. Complete datasets that encompass factors that may negatively affect the free flow of freight traffic, including roadway characteristics, local impediments to free flow of traffic and route restrictions such as overhead clearances or weight restrictions.
  2. Multiple route options, ranked by criteria including least fuel consumption or fastest route.
  3. Route planning to minimize and manage factors associated with increased congestion, reducing time spent idling in traffic and the associated reduction in carbon emissions.

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