Services We Provide

Our profile of services covers the spectrum of asset management for civil infrastructure, energy, and the environment. We develop and utilize technologies to provide solutions to current issues.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, subsurface imaging tool. It has a range of applications in transportation infrastructure, energy facilities, and the environment. Some key features of GPR are:

• Rapid data collection
• Extensive data collection
• Options for depth of penetration and resolution
• Ability to detect both metallic and plastic materials


Constructing, repairing, and rehabilitating the roadways of today need to not only account for costs related to construction, but to the impact to the motoring public.
ARMA has helped in creating a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) methodology for NYS that measures both the costs related to construction and the impact on the motoring public. The methodology evaluates and models a number of costs that includes:

• Construction and planning related costs
• Impact of delay on motorists
• Assess motorist safety in work zone periods
• Impact to motorists’ vehicles

Street Management Condition

Managing roadways in municipalities is a balance of fulfilling a need with the limited resources at your disposal. ARMA can help in creating a Pavement Management System that can efficiently manage the needs with the resources at hand. This is done through a 3 point method.

• Establishment of a pavement condition system
• Coordinate with other facility owners to efficiently repair and rehabilitate roadways and other sub surface facilities
• Develop a pavement management system that evaluates a funding level with the impact it may have on the roadways

Remote Sensing

ARMA and its affiliates provide consultation and services in the use of remote sensing technologies, including those that involve airborne and/or satellite-based platforms and which enable large-scale monitoring. In particular, ARMA personnel have experience in evaluating and recommending suitable methods for monitoring pipelines and ground movement.

Non-Destructive Evaluation

ARMA and its affiliates firms provide services using non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques to determine the condition of engineering structures without interfering with the structure or performing extensive testing.