Core Activities

ARMA has world class experience in creating and using technologies to solve problems associated with civil infrastructure systems and the environment. In collaboration with our affiliated firms, we provide consultation and services in the areas of our expertise, including the following:

Technology Development

  • • We design and integrate hardware and software systems to provide fast and effective solutions to a range of problems existing in the surface and subsurface infrastructure.
  • • We initiate product development through R&D projects, perform complex research tasks effectively, and provide R&D consultation.

Scopes Of Services

  • • Rapid, accurate and cost-effective use of non-destructive technologies for power plants, landfill and brownfield applications, archeological investigations, and land development.
  • • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) services for subsurface imaging and mapping of structures (roadways, bridges, concrete walls, etc.) and underground utilities.
  • • Management systems for infrastructure assets owned by public or private corporations.
  • • Complete condition diagnosis of structures, and evaluation of hazards and risks.
  • • Properties and behavior of earth materials, stratigraphic mapping, and geotechnical engineering.
We own the hardware and software systems needed to non-destructively provide the majority of our services. We possess the ability to rapidly and accurately collect data, process images, map surface and subsurface features, assess and characterize the deterioration of structures, and report our findings in an expeditious and economical manner that can fully satisfy expectations.

Our high quality hardware, computer equipped vehicle, and our positioning and distance measuring devices enable us to complete field work with no or, very limited interruption to the traveling public.

Training and Technology Transfer

  • • We organize and implement training and educational programs, and conduct a wide range of technology transfer activities including general and specialized workshops and symposia.

Specialized Studies

  • • High quality Consultation: We provide high-quality consultation on the entire spectrum of our expertise, including asset and risk assessment, risk mitigation through adequate countermeasures, damage prevention, and emergency response and management.
  • • Technology Assessments: We conduct technology assessment and evaluation studies for problems involved with civil infrastructure, energy transmission and distribution systems, and the environment.
  • • Systems Deployment Including GIS: We assist clients to build and deploy asset management systems. We offer GIS services and assist placing clients' systems within their GIS environments.