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Business Lines

Below are five business lines that were intitatied at our workshop on April 5th.

Business Lines:

  • Energy, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

    As society continues to produce an array of technology, the concern of the environment is brought up, especially when striving for sustainable practices. Therefore, finding healthy balances between man-made and natural environments is needed.

  • Environmental Sustainability and Built Environment

    The topic of “Energy, Effectiveness, & Efficiency” is broad in nature and branches out in a multitude of ways, whether that be creating new sources of energy, or managing existing sources, to cost effectiveness.

  • Transportation and Mobility

    A primary factor which must be considered when discussing sustainability is the management and protection of the environment. This in turn can ignite a wide range of debates ranging from water, air or land pollution.

  • Information for Quality of Life, Food, Health and Art

    As technology advances, communities too should be keeping up with digital changes. It is in this fashion in which society can build a bridge between technology and everyday living, while also making their communities more appealing.

  • Training and Technology Transfer

    A current issue within Universities is the lack of partnership between them, communities and local businesses. A meaningful integration between students and their communities is needed to further advance communities, and train students more effectively.